The Storm…One Week Late

So, I had the post all written up last weekend…that is before we lost power. And then I moved and we just got the pictures uploaded, so here it is one week later.

Sooo…what to do when a hurricane is forecasted to hit over the weekend? Go out into the garden and pick everything that is remotely close to being ripe. Sit around inside, watching television reports tracking Irene as she moved up the East coast. Play Monopoly. And Life. The world’s two longest games. Then look at the six tomatoes, seven cucumbers, and bunch of beets we just picked and wonder what to do with them but…

…make dinner! A wonderful stir fry of onion, garlic, beet greens (yes, you CAN eat these – don’t waste them!) and quinoa with cucumber and tomato mixed in at the end. Topped with melty cheddar cheese and some salsa if you want an extra kick! (I may have a small obsession with salsa and put it on almost everything ☺) Although it may sound like a weird combination of ingredients, it tasted really good and simple to make!

First, chop up veggies.

Hooray for home grown vegetables freshly picked. Well, all of them except the onion that is.

Saute garlic and onions, add in beet greens.

And finally, mix in quinoa, cucumber, tomato, and whatever else you may want just before you finish cooking.

Add whatever toppings you enjoy (mmm salsa!) and enjoy 🙂

Next time, I may add some kidney beans or seasonings to it, but it was a great way to use up garden veggies while still being able to taste the freshness of them all. For dessert was chocolate chocolate chip cookies…a recipe to look forward to seeing in the future (I promise)!

For all those affected by the storm, our thoughts are with you during this time. May you all stay safe as cleanup begins.

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